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Rosa Parks

Learn about Rosa Parks and the role she played in the Civil Rights Movement.

Orville and Wilbur Wright

Information about the lives of the first aviators, Orville adn Wilbur Wright. Also has games and printables about the Wright Brothers that teachers and students can use.

The National Women's Hall of Fame

Biographies and pictures of hundreds of famous women.

Biographies of Great African-Americans

Find out about famous African Americans

Notable Women Ancestors

Famous heroines and what they are famous for..

Biographies for Kids

Has stories of presidents, inventors, educators, scientists, business men and women etc. which are presented to inspire the student to follow their examples of courage, determination, honesty and willingness to work. Each story features 7 free printables along with 7 online activites for each biography. Activities available are: multi-choice test, word search, crossword puzzle, word scramble, study sheet, student worksheet., picture to color, Online computer-graded tests, online games, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches, scrambled word puzzles, and pictures to paint. This site loads slowly so be patient.

4000 Years of Women in Science

Search for information and photos of famous women scientists.

Meet Amazing Americans

Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today.

Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Discovery

1,071 entries, 2,144 cross-references and 222 famous figures

HyperHistory On-Line

HyperHistory On-line navigates through 3 000 years of World History with links to important persons of world historical importance; civilization timelines; events and facts; and historical maps"

Biographical Dictionary

A Wikipedia type system and everyone can edit biographies or even create their own. Whether you have a passion for history or simply know an interesting fact about someone you are invited to contribute to this project.

The Achiever Gallery

On this website you can find achievers who have landed on the moon, started a media empire or discovered the secret of the DNA molecule. Do you want to be a doctor? How about being an explorer? From the list of careers on this webiste, you can see which achievers do the things you want to do.

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