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Borrowing Material

All material taken from the Media Center must first be checked-out at the circulation desk. 

Students and faculty are responsible for material they borrow. Do not borrow materials
for other students and / or faculty. Books are loaned for a 7-day (1 week) period and can be renewed for another 7 days (1 week). Teachers have equipment and technology furniture / equipment checked out on a permanent
basis to their classrooms. Please do not trade or remove equipment or furniture that is
checked out without first letting the Library Media Specialist know so that the equipment
and furniture / equipment can be removed from the list showing that they are in your
classroom and placed in a new list. Thank you. The check in and check out procedures are listed below. Check in / check out procedures
Kindergarten and first grade may check out one book 2nd and 3rd grades may check out two books 4th through 6th grades may check out three books. Books are due in one week. Students may renew their books for an additional week. If
they have overdue books out, they may not check out another book until the overdue book
is turned in or renewed (unless they have special permission from the Library Media
Specialist). Kindergarten through 6th grades come to the Media Center for a 45 minute library class
(period) once a week. Teachers may check out as many books as needed. Creating Resource Lists
on Destiny (our card catalog) is highly encouraged!

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