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Washington State's Educational Technology Learning Standards 2018 (Click Here)

Goal Three of the Washington Basic Education Act requires schools to “integrate technology literacy and fluency” in their classroom curriculums. The updated K-12 Educational Technology Learning Standards are based upon the 2016 Technology Standards for Students released by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). They emphasize the ways technology can be used to amplify and transform learning and teaching, and they resonate with our state’s aspiration to empower connected learners in a connected world.

The updated standards also contain:

View or print the 2018 Educational Technology Standards
Complete document (Word | PDF)
Main body (Word | PDF)
All Appendices (Word | PDF)
Appendix F (Word | PDF)

By Grade Level
Grades K-2 (Word | PDF)
Grades 3-5 (Word | PDF)
Grades 6-8 (Word | PDF)
Grades 9-12 (Word | PDF)

Download EdTech Assessments

EDTech Standards


Computer Lab Lesson Plans & Other Resurces (K-3)

Below are computer lab lessons plans by grade level along with other resources for integrating technology into a classroom(s)


Kindergarten Computer Lab Lesson Plans & Other Resurces (K-3)



First Grade Computer Lab Lesson Plans & Other Resurces

  • Find the Techology
    Computer Vocabulary
  • >\


    2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Computers /Internet Subjects

  • Smokey the Bear
  • \\

    Third Grade Computer Lab Lesson Plans & Other Resurces

    Just for Fun!

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