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Computers and the Internet

The Library Media Center's  Card Catalog is on-line and can be accessed from any computer that has internet access. 
Therefore, it provides access to all materials at Basin City Elemetnary and within the North Frankin School District.
It also provides access to appropiate and approved internet research tools and information as well as to magazine
and newspaper databases. In addition, the Media Center runs the school's computer lab. These computers are also available to search
the collection, for Internet access to approved sites, and for access to research and to magazine and newspaper
databases as needed and when not in use. The computer lab has 29 student computers, a teacher computer, a LCD
projector, a laser printer and a document presenter. Within the main section of the library there is a computer
hooked up to a scanner for staff use. Staff who wish to be trained on the use of the scanner should contact the
Library Media Specialist. Student and faculty use of library and computer lab computers is a privilege, not a right. See the Media Specialist
for help using any computer / equipment in the library and / or computer lab and report problems immediately to
him. As part of the North Franklin School District's Technology Plan / Program, Library Media Centers and the Library
Media Program provide leadership for technology integration into the teaching and learning process.
Technology plays a significant role in accessing information. No single area within the school has
been more transformed by technology than the library media center, the technological hub of the school.
The role of the library media specialist as an information specialist becomes even more critical as students
and staff confront an excess of information. The library media specialist facilitates teachers' use of
technology for production, instruction, and student inquiry and communication. To ensure that this occurs,
technology should be treated as a tool for learning rather than as an independent discipline. Through the
use of technology the library media specialist can assist teachers and students in: Enhancing information inquiry and processing skills; Gathering information from global perspectives; Communicating with others in a global environment; Analyzing data; Communicating with others in a global environment; Facilitating presentation and production of ideas through multimedia; Expanding teaching and learning opportunities;

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