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Printing :   Students may print information from the computer lab printer. Teachers, feel free to print out
information as you need it from either the computer lab printer, the library color printer or the library laser printer.
Donations of paper are always welcome! Computer Lab: There is a computer lab of 29 computers for teacher and student use. In September
and/or October, Mr. Berndt will bring around a schedule and teachers will be given the opportunity to
sign up for one scheduled 30 minute computer lab time for their classroom per week. Teachers may
sign up for additional computer lab times on a weekly basis. The computer lab schedule will be in the
Media Center (posted on the computer lab door) once it is finished and a copy will be given to all staff
also. Please see Mr. Berndt if you have any questions.
Other services for teachers Teachers are encouraged to make use of the Library Media Specialist and all Library Media Center
Resources. If you need us to pull books for you on a certain topic for a unit of study, please let us
know (ahead of time), and we will get the resources to you as soon as possible. If you would like to
bring your students in to make selections for a classroom unit or for independent reading, please do
but schedule it with the Media Specialist first. If you are going to assign your students a research
project, talk to Mr. Berndt about how we can work together to incorporate information literacy skills
into your project! Bringing your students into the library media center is a great way to integrate
library skills with classroom instruction. .

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